Our Values

The Academy of Adventure strongly believes in delivering excellence in all our activities, driven by a care and concern for the people who seek our services. Our team is professionally trained to be the driving force in bringing change through experiential learning at the ground level, which will ultimately boomerang into a spiritual and social growth in the outside world.


Needless to say, safety is our primary concern and we adopt every possible safety precaution to ensure the wellbeing of our clients on site. This includes investing in safety equipment of the highest standards, and carrying out activities under the guidance of the most expertly trained and professional instructors who are well versed in using state-of-the-art safety technology procedures recognized internationally. In addition, Safety Auditors are present at every activity to ensure the implementation of maximum safety levels at each event, while all participants are also insured for the duration of the program.

Our service track record is impeccable, and to date we have trained over 300,000 satisfied participants.


One of the main goals of outbound training events carried out by Academy of Adventure is to foster unity among the participants to enable stronger links that will lead to greater workplace productivity. Our activities are thus designed, among other things, to generate peaceful co-existence and problem-solving abilities without the presence of conflict.


The Academy of Adventure prides itself in being a responsible organization that also instills the same value in its participants. Our activities are carefully planned to ensure maximum results where participants too, walk away with a sense of having been made more dependable and trustworthy in their home, school or workplace.

Service excellence

The numbers that have experienced our training and emerged completely satisfied, are testimony to the excellence we deliver. With a highly qualified and motivated panel of instructors, we aim for nothing but the best in terms of results.

Eco friendliness

In today’s world, personal growth often comes at the cost of the environment. At the Academy of Adventure, we are completely opposed to this. All our activities are designed so that the natural environment remains undisturbed. We consider the protection of Mother Earth, as important as the protection of our clients, and to this end, we allow for minimum permanent construction at our sites and absolutely no harm to living species or the environment.

Team work

What is success without teamwork? We at the Academy of Adventure value every individual and what they have to offer in the process of reaching the collective goals of the group. As such, every activity and program has been created with the intention of maximizing individual potential through group participation by bringing about a sense of responsibility, dependability and trustworthiness.

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